IC Digital Torque Wrench

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IC Digital Torque Wrench

IC Digital Torque Wrench is a measurement product, which able to display torque value on LCD.  It is convenient for user to read the torque value by force on it.  If the torque is reach to the preset torque, the LED would flash and sound occur to warning the user.  Unit change by to press button to save the time of conversion.  And it’s also has save and record function.

This IC Digital Torque Wrench has three unit (kg.m, N.m and ft.lb ) for selection, and also has two mode: peak and track.

This IC Digital Torque Wrench has preset torque alarm function, by using LED and sound to notify the presetting torque.

This IC Digital Torque Wrench has up to 10 memory store function, which is convenient for user to record it.


n           Measure torque range: 40 ~ 35 N.m

n           Measure torque Accuracy: +/-3%

n           Main part specification 1/2”DR. DRIVE WRENCH

n           Length: 650 mm

n           Weight: 1.54 Kg

n           LCD display: 4 digital